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  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church Palo Alto
  • First Presbyterian Church Palo Alto
  • First United Methodist Church Palo Alto
  • Network of Spiritual Progressives
  • Palo Alto Friends Meeting
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Palo Alto (Catholic)
  • Trinity Church in Menlo Park (Episcopal)
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
  • West Bay Chapter, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

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Revolutionary Nonviolence Event Sunday March 13

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2016 has opened with renewed worries about militarism in domestic and international forms, about police violence and racism that is more than just black and white, and about climate change and the fate of the planet. Author and educator Matt Meyer, however, co-editor of We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America, is full of hope – based in part on the growing development of ideas about (and practical application of) a new, revolutionary nonviolence. Join us for an evening of conversation with Meyer about why you should be hopeful too!

Sunday, March 13, 7 p.m.
Main Hall, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 E. Charleston Rd., 94306
Freewill donation of $10-20--no one turned away
For more information, contact: Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern, 650-494-0541 x26 or

Hands Around the Mosque

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Love is the only force capable of uniting a divided nation.

The Hands-Around-the-Mosque event sponsored by the Islamic Society of East Bay and American Muslim Voice Foundation on Sunday, Feb. 28, was a beautiful gathering.

Click here to read the article in the San Jose Mercury News.

Drone Quilts on Display at Los Altos Library

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Wednesday, January 13, 7pm
Los Altos Library
13 S. San Antonio Rd., Los Altos

Sponsored by Peninsula Peace & Justice Center

The quilts will be on display for the next 3 months at various local venues and communities of faith.  See the article below or click here for more information.

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The Drones Quilt Project

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MVPJ has joined with several local organizations and congregations in sponsoring 3 months of local displays of The Drones Quilt Project. The purpose of this effort is to raise awareness about the immoral and tragic use of weaponized drones by the United States, which is responsible for the injury and death of hundreds of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Each block of each quilt bears the name of a drone victim, and was created by a different individual, humanizing the victims and showing the connection between all human beings.

In Palo Alto, quilts will be on exhibit from January-March at various times in different congregations, including First Congregational Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, and two Catholic Churches.  On Wednesday, January 13, 7pm there will be a display, reception and discussion featuring the quilts at the Los Altos Library. Click here for more information.

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Learn how Muslims celebrate their holidays: 2nd EID FESTIVAL

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Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice is delighted to co-sponsor the 2nd annual EID Festival - a holiday to build a beloved community.

Saturday, Dec. 19, 1-4:30pm
First United Methodist Church, 625 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto

Free Pakistani food.
Cultural experiences with ethnic dresses, Mehndi (Henna), and bangles for girls.
Nasheed (Spiritual singing)

All faiths encourage their follwers to love their neighbors. To love our neighbors, we must know our neighbors.

Free event. Register at search for Eid Festival (celebration of Muslim holidays).

Sponsored by the American Muslim Voice Foundation. 

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Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

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The Blessing of Water
Balancing God's Gift and Our Responsibility

Sunday, Nov. 22, 7pm
Congregation Etz Chayim
4161 Alma St., Palo Alto, CA

Gordon Stewart Peninsula Trombone Choir
Storytellers - Tom and Sandy Farley
Leaders from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu Faith Communities
Dancers from a variety of cultures

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Statement from Rabbi Michael Lerner

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After Paris: A World that has Lost its Ethical Direction
November 15, 2015

For many years, we at Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives have warned that the domination and power-over strategies to achieve “homeland security” have been tried for over 7,000 years and all they have produced is more wars and violence, interspersed with short periods of peace that have, with the help of the sensationalist and natioanlist  media and professional apologists for the existing inequalities, managed to hide from public view the degree of covert structural violence that every system of inequality and domination embodies.

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MVPJ Responds to Paris Attacks

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As in 9/11, the terrorists responsible for the tragic events in Paris are succeeding far beyond their wildest dreams of sowing fear and hatred among all the nations in the West.  The various responses – such French President François Hollande calling the attacks an "an act of war" to which France will respond without pity – are understandable, but play directly into the terrorists' hands.

What is really hard to understand are the calls to block the entry of Syrian refugees – particularly Muslim refugees.  What better way could be imagined to demonstrate that terrorists claim that the West is waging a "War on Islam", thereby recruiting an even larger number of disaffected Muslim youth?

Even worse, if we succumb to Islamophobia to the extent that we actually close our doors and our hearts to people at a time of great need, we will be betraying the love of mercy and justice that is at the core of our country's Judeo-Christian tradition.  From time to time, every nation faces a test to see if it can live up to its ideals.  This is one such test.  We call upon everyone to resist the xenophobic fear-mongering and stand for the principle that our country proclaims so solemnly that all people are created equal.

A Prayer for this Week

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Holy One,

We pray for all people and places that have experienced the terror of violence this week as the aftershocks of fear and grief reverberate through bodies and buildings:

For the 43 people in Beirut and the 129 in Paris who were killed by Daesh;

For the people who survived and are now grieving the loss of people they love—parents, children, lovers, spouses, friends, siblings;

For the untold number of Syrians who have died in retaliation attacks;

For Muslims around the world who are targets of renewed and vicious Islamaphobia; 

We want peace for these people and places, but we do not know how to achieve it. Help us to see with clarity how our own country’s actions have contributed to the violence we see and mourn in the world this week. Let our collective mourning and sense of solidarity drive us deeper into the work for peace in our own country, and let us not feel angry only at Daesh, but also at the political policies and realities that engender extremism.

by Emily Brewer of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

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Some Actions for this Week

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"A time comes when silence is betrayal, and that time has come for us."

As people of faith and goodwill, we cannot remain silent when violence leads to more violence, tragedy leads to more suffering, and fear leads to injustice and hatred. As people of faith and goodwill, we are called to compassion, to courage, to solidarity, and to peace. In the midst of retaliatory bombing, hatefilled rhetoric and egregious calls to close our borders in the midst of one of history's most tragic human refugee crisis, organizations with whom MVPJ has long worked suggest some of the following actions.

  • The Friends Committee on National Legislation reminds us that a response based on fear will not lead to security or peace. As we hear calls from members of Congress, governors and candidates to shut the door on Syrian refugees, FCNL invites us to urge all of our elected officials to welcome Syrian refugees who are fleeing violence at home.  Call, write, email, or use this online letter-writing form provided by FCNL.
  • The Fellowship of Reconciliation writes, "In the face of such a global crisis of violence, we may be tempted to give up our agency to larger actors of states,... If we were to do this, not just our democracy but also our souls would be at stake." FOR directs us to George Lakey's fascinating article, 8 ways to defend against terror nonviolently, published in Waging Nonviolence (a website worth knowing about!).
  • Peninsula Peace & Justice has an Urgent Action Alert in response to Senator Dianne Feinstein's statements calling for increased military action and troops in Syria and Iraq.  PPJC invites us to email Senator Feinstein personally, and to sign PPJC's letter, urging strong statements instead for sanctuary and care for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
  • Letters to the Editor and op-eds are other very important ways to lift up voices of compassion and peace. Don't be shy!

As we mourn and pray for the people of Paris, let us also pray for Beirut, where 43 people were killed in a terrorist attack the day before those in Paris, for Bagdad, where 26 people were killed in violent bombings, and Syria, where children, women and men are now facing drastically increased deadly air strikes.

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