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Wardah Chowdhry...Pakistan

My name is Wardah Chowdhry and I live in Pakistan. I am 15 years old and I am in class 9th. I am soo scared of bomb blasts and wars in my country.

A lot of blasts are taking place all over Pakistan, in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala. There are bombs blowing up as I am writing this email. Today these blasts are happening in my neighborhood in Allama Iqbal town market where I was shopping yesterday. I remember another blast happened in same market on August 13th when people were buying things to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan. Today two blasts happened in R. A Town, where my old grandpa and my cousins live along with my uncles and aunts.

Today is March 12th and it is my sister's 20th birthday. I would have liked to buy a cake and a gift to celebrate her birthday but it is not safe to go out. My uncles keep calling my mom to make sure we stay at home. They are more worried about us because my dad died three years ago

These terrorists are blowing up police training school, army force, mosques and hotels. There is no safe place in my country anymore. Everybody is afraid. This use to be a safe and peaceful country and I wish there were no wars in the world and we could all live in peace.

Let me share some detail information just about blasts happened on March 12th in Lahore.

These are the facts about what happened on March 12th 2010 in Lahore

There was a blast in Lahore Cantt in R. A Bazaar at 12:48. It happened at a bus stand and 125 people were injured and 60 people died, And then after 3 minutes at 12:51 2nd blast was heard.. That was in the same area in Lahore Cantt but near a Mosque and 15 people were injured and 10 died. That was a big scary blast.

After this everyone was scared, the day passed slowly because we could not do anything fun. My sister in law said that these bomb blasts are coming very close to our home.

We turned the televisions on and heard about more bomb blasts in my town. We didn't hear this blast because it was a little blast and it happened in a busy market. Seven more blasts were heared from our home in the same town and markets. Near homes and Edih Relief Center. Our windows were shattering and we all sat in one room terrified. The sounds of ambulances, fire engines and police car noise adds to our fears. There were 11 blasts on March 12 in Lahore. It makes me wonder where can I be safe? I can go to America because my aunt sponsored me and I am a US citizen now but my momâ€TMs visa is not approved yet and I can not think of leaving her behind. I hope we get her visa before we are hurt or dead but what about other families who have no place to go? Is America safe for a Muslim girl? Is any place safe for all of us?

I wonder is this a Muslim country..????? Will my country ever be safe again????? 11 blasts in one day.. All in LAHORE..!!! Can u believe..???? After today everyone is scared... because now you are not safe in your homes either...!! EVERYONE every single person is scared.. After so many blasts in the markets who would like to go to the markets...???? And blasts near and inside the Mosques.. Who would go to the Mosques now...????? People say that Muslims are doing this.. but Muslims can't do this because it is against Islam. It is 1:30 am and I am unable to sleep. Today was the scariest day of my life..!!!!

I wish I could fall asleep because I am very tired, I also wish to wake up in the morning and have everything normal again, when we were all HAPPY... our country should be in PEACE... no more TERRORISM.. Everyone just doing their own work and no one SCARED ANYMORE.. Kids laughing and playing with their friends and going to school to become whatever they thought of becoming.


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