Tax Day Action

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April 15th is just around the corner, the deadline for paying income taxes.  It is a good time to remember that a large part of our federal taxes will be allocated to military expenditures.  Of course, this means that programs that promote life and human flourishing - education, health care, economic development and diplomacy - are underfunded. 

What to do about this?  How about making April 15th a day to call your Senators and tell them that you are concerned about the priorities reflected in our federal budget, and that you are not happy with how your tax dollars will be used.  Let's "choose life" and work for a budget that makes life available - and good - for everyone. Click here to find your Senators' and Representative's website and contact information.

The War Resisters League has done extensive research to produce their 2016 federal budget pie chart, pictured with this article.  Click here to view the complete flyer and understand better how our taxes are allocated.

The Friends Committee on National Legistlation offers good background on this subject.  Click here to learn more from them.  Click here to download their 2013 tax chart. Sadly, not much has changed.

It is quite sobering to note that, according to the Congressional Budget office, the projected cost for the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Forces, 2015-2024, is $348 billion, or $95 million/day!  (Again, thanks to the War Resisters League for this information.)

MVPJ encourages you to call your Senators or Congresspersons to express your concern.  Click here for contact information by zipcode.