Sanctuary Cities

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Standing in solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers, Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice encourages efforts to become Sanctuary cities, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and campuses. 

Offering sanctuary - a safe place that honors dignity and worth - is a tradition drawn from many of our faiths. 

There are several movements toward making bay area cities into "sanctuary cities" and some local faith communities are considering offering sanctuary as well.  Currently there is a letter being circulated for signatures to go to the Los Altos City Council, urging them to pass a resolution that "affirms our respect for human rights and diversity and declares that we will not participate in any federal efforts to undercut those principles." If you live in Los Altos, click here to read and sign this letter.

If you are interested in learning what it means to become a sanctuary congregation for your own place of worship, please contact us by emailing

Historically, several congregations in Palo Alto have given sanctuary.  In the 1960's, some churches gave sanctuary to conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.  In the 1980's many congregations gave sanctuary to Central American refugees.  During the First Gulf War (1991), First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto gave sanctuary to conscientious objectors. Generally, giving sanctuary is seen as a faith-based act of civil disobedience.