Senate Intelligence Committee Releases Report on CIA's Use of Torture

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Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice has long worked for public access to the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report on the CIA's detention and interrogation program.  On Tuesday, December 9, the eve of the United Nation's Human Rights Day, a 500 page summary of that six year investigation was released. 

Please call or email Senator Dianne Feinstein and thank her for her courageous leadership on the investigation and the release of the report! ([;Click here] for her contact information and an easy email form.)

To read more about the report and further discussion go to the [; National Religious Campaign Against Torture's] page on this issue. NRCAT has been a strong partner with MVPJ in keeping us up to date and educated about this issue.

[; Click here] to read the unclassified summary.

MVPJ leaders have written op-eds calling for the release of the report, and visited with Feinstein's staff.  [; Click here] to read a 2013 article on this issue.) It is important to that we also thank the Senator for doing the right thing!

As the saying goes, "The first casualty when war comes is truth."  (This is generally attributed to U.S. Senator Hiram Johnson, 1918.) Surely truth is a necessary ingredient on the road to authentic peace.