Action Alert: Federal Budget Decisions Need to Support People Not War

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Congress needs to finalize our federal budget in the next few days. Urge your representative to say NO to increase Pentagon spending and YES to prioritizing programs that address human needs, support the vulnerable in our country and globally, and promote diplomacy and international cooperation.

CALL OR EMAIL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON! Click here for contact information.

For more background click below:

NETWORK (Advocates for Justice Inspired by Catholic Sisters) has an email link to urge Congress to work for a moral budget.

Friends Committee on National Legislation offers an analysis by Director Diane Randall: Too much on war. Not enough on peace.

Oxfam America explains that we need to call our Representatives to advocate for programs that save lives globally, especially when four famines are looming and millions face starvation.

Think your Congressperson already agrees with you? It is still SO IMPORTANT to call to encourage her/him or to say thank you!