Multifaith Letter to Pres Biden re Nuclear Danger

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In response to the increasing risk of a nuclear disaster, Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice's Steering Committee has endorsed a letter to President Biden with an urgent call for the resumption of arms control negotiation. The letter was issued on September 22 by some 29 distinguished and diverse faith leaders in the New York and Washington metropolitan areas. We join with them in imploring President Biden to, for the sake of our whole human family, make the resumption of arms control negotiation his highest priority.

The multifaith letter states, in part:

We affirm the view previously expressed by religious authorities that nuclear weapons are inherently immoral because of their horrific and indiscriminate effects on civilians and on the environment.

and concludes:

Mr. President, for the sake of the entire human family, we urge you to press for the resumption of arms control negotiations without further delay.

Click here to download and read the entire letter.

Signatories include leaders and theologians from Jewish organizations and seminaries, Muslim organizations, Protestant denominations and seminaries, Roman Catholic orders and organizations, Buddhist communities, Hindu organizations, Unitarian Universalists, ecumenical programs and the Parliament of World Religions. Click here to download and read the full letter with a of the signatories.