Climate Action Opportunities

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On January 11, 2022 MVPJ hosted Pastor Danielle Parish of Spark Church, an official UN Observer of the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. She inspired us again to do our part to support environmental justice, and particularly to connect you with faith-based local opportunities for action.

While Danielle's riveting presentation to us was not recorded, click here to to view a youtube recording of her presentation on December 15, 2021. 

Two local faith-based climate action organizations you should know about are:

Other interesting links and organizations:

Climate Resilient Communities - based in East Palo Alto serving under-resourced and underrepresented bay area communities through empowering community voices to implement climate solutions.

World Religious Leaders' Joint Appeal on Climate Crisis pre-COP26 - presented by Pope Francis to COP26 President

Spark Church (Christian) has a page full of resources and links on COP26 and Climate Justice.

Acterra is a San Francisco Bay Area based organization bringing people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet.