Multifaith Prayers for Peace on 11th of the Month

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Monthly Multifaith Prayers for Peace
7-7:30pm on 11th of every month

Tuesday, August 11, 7-7:30pm - hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto. Join together via ZOOM. Zoom link will be sent out to MVPJ email list the morning of the event. To join our email list enter your address in the top right corner box on this website and follow the instructions. If you did not receive the link to join our Peaceful Presence, please email the morning of the event and she will send it to you.

In the midst of difficult times, Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice will host “Peaceful Presence,” a monthly prayer service on the evening of the 11th of each month, offering a time of quiet multifaith prayers for peace and strength for the journey.  All are welcome: those of all faith traditions and of no defined faith, those who are suffering at the hands of their own government, those who need a pause in the midst of intensive work on behalf of others, and all who would like to pray with others for the well-being of all.  The prayer time will include elements from several religious traditions.

Tuesday, August 11, 7-7:30pm - hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto
Friday, Sepember 11, 5:30-7:30pm - hosted by American Muslim Voice
Sunday, October 11, 7-7:30pm - hosted by Congregation Beth Am
Wednesday, November 11, 7-7:30pm - hosted by First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
Friday, December 11, 7-7:30pm - hosted by First Church of Christ, Scientist

Each gathering is hosted by a different community of faith, and includes elements from diverse religious traditions. To protect one another and our global family, we are gathering via Zoom during the pandemic. Zoom links are sent out the morning of the service.

If you want to be notified of how to join our Zoom services, please add your name to our email list by entering your email in the upper right corner of this website, in the box marked "Receive Email Updates" and following the instructions. (We will NEVER share your email with anyone!) If you are not on our email list and wish to join a particular service, please email the morning of the day of the Peaceful Presence, and she will send you the information.