Unitarian Universalist Prayer

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The Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), shares this pastoral message:

The horrific terrorist attacks in France fill all good people with the deepest sadness. May we all rededicate ourselves to waging peace based on compassion and respect. Hatred must not triumph. 

I share the following prayer written by the Rev. Eric Cherry, director of the UUA’s International Office: 

Holy One, our hearts are torn, broken, and battered.
Even across an ocean
from the City of Light;
Such pain, such violence, such suffering.

The trauma is immense, nearly unspeakable.
We know that we are called to feel the pain of humanity,
to hear the cry of the soul,
the innocent soul.
So we shall. 

May it help us turn to love in spite of hate.
May it help us turn to trust in spite of fear.
May it help us turn to each other, people of all faiths and none, in spite of intolerance.
May it help us turn to our neighbors in need.
May it help us turn our care to the vulnerable near us.
May it help us turn our spirits to the grieving, the injured, and the traumatized.
May it help us turn to the recovery,
And to our work of becoming a world of justice and compassion. 
Turn us.  Guide our feet and hands.  Bring us to peace.