What's an American to do? A conversation about peacemaking

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Sunday, November 2, 2014
Friends Meeting House
957 Colorado Ave., Palo Alto

Our nation seems to be committed to another war in Iraq, in the air if not (yet) on the ground. At the same time we remain militarily engaged in Afghanistan, while we send armed drones into Pakistan and other countries of the Middle East. What convinces our leaders that these actions will result in a just and lasting peace?  What alternatives to military action exist, and why is it so difficult to employ them effectively?

Come meet with fellow citizens who are concerned about these issues. The evening will begin with short prepared statements from a variety of points of view about the current status and history of American involvement in the Middle East. The major part of the evening will be a conversation in the form of a "Quaker dialogue" in which everyone present is given a chance to speak.

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Sponsored by the Palo Alto Friends Meeting and cosponsored Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice.