Call in Day to Cut Nuclear Weapons

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Californians have a unique role to play in reducing dangerous stockpiles of nuclear weapons as well as helping to reduce the deficit. Our Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is the Chair of the committee that oversees the nuclear weapons budget, and is one of the most important leaders in the Senate on the issue.  
That is why an urgent Statewide Call-in Day is planned for Tuesday, April 9th, to show Sen. Feinstein that Californians want to cut spending on nuclear weapons. Please join us in calling on April 9th, or on whichever day you can this week. 

Sen. Feinstein agrees that nuclear weapons are dangerous and outdated. However, current plans will have the US spend up to $500 billion in the next decade on these weapons, in direct contradiction to the growing bipartisan consensus* that we could safely cut our nuclear arsenals now and save billions of dollars to invest in our economy.

If we want Sen. Feinstein to take the lead in cutting billions in nuclear weapons spending, she needs to hear from you right now. Please join thousands of people across California joining forces to call Sen. Feinstein on April 9th!

Call Senator Feinstein at (415) 393-0707.  Here is a suggested message:

"My name is ____ and I live in _____. I am calling to ask Senator Feinstein to cut wasteful spending on nuclear weapons and new bomb plants."  [If appropriate, you may want to add one sentence about how your faith leads you to urge this action.]

Please call Sen. Feinstein on April 9th and help us keep her phone ringing. Keep calling after April 9th, the date is not as important as making sure your voice is heard.

We can't let these dangerous weapons continue to threaten the lives of millions of people and drain billions of our tax dollars. Please help us show Senator Feinstein that we need her to take the lead on cutting wasteful nuclear spending today.

*More Information:
If you would like more information about some of the nuclear weapons cuts we support, or whether it is safe to reduce our arsenals, here are links to two articles with more information:

Click here to read the words of four bipartisan states persons (Shultz, Kissinger, Perry & Nunn) coming together to call for the elimination of nuclear weapons.
Click here  for a report detailing $58 billion in nuclear cuts.