Faces of War and Terror Workshop

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Explore war and terror and create a mask to tell your story.

During this one day workshop led by Susan Galleymore, you will accept a role, create a mask for that role, and, at the end of the day, tell your story about war and terror. Roles include but are not limited to US, Afghani, and Iraqi children, mothers, fathers, US soldier, Bush, Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein (even Uday and Qusay if you're so inclined).

We will video the stories as well as sections of the workshop.

Workshops run from 9:15am – 5:00pm Saturday June 26, July 10, 17, 24, and 31. Enroll now workshop@motherspeak.org or motherspeak@motherspeak.org.

Group size: maximum 12, minimum 8.

Location: East Bay or as necessary. Private workshop also available (i.e. with your friends or co-workers).

Cost: $85 includes all supplies. Bring your own lunch.

Please note: This workshop is about trust and exploration and taking home the mask you create. To make the foundation for your mask you will choose and allow a partner to apply sterile “goop” to your face. If you are squeamish this may not be the workshop for you. If you are curious, daring, and almost convinced you're ready for deep exploration...

Learn more: http://www.motherspeak.org
View masks from previous workshops: http://www.motherspeak.org/workshop.html
Contact by email: workshop@motherspeak.org or motherspeak@motherspeak.org

Instructor and mask maker Susan Galleymore is the mother of a US soldier and recently traveled to Baghdad to talk to Iraqi mothers and to visit her son in the Sunni Triangle.