Kathleen Namphy to Speak About Iraqi Detainees

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Thursday, July 15, 7pm - 9pm
All Saints' Episcopal Church
555 Waverley St., Palo Alto

On Thursday, July 15, Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice (MVPJ) will sponsor a 7:00 PM program at All Saints' Episcopal Church (555 Waverley St. Palo Alto) featuring Kathleen Namphy, member of the Iraq team of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). Kathleen will be speaking about her work with Iraqi detainees.

Kathleen was in Baghdad when the CPT team sent their report to US leaders in December 2003 exposing the abuse of Iraqi detainees in US detention centers - months before the 60 Minutes photos broke the story to the world. Before she returns to Iraq, don't miss this chance to hear Kathleen describe her work there and provide her perspective on recent developments - and what we can do for peace and justice.

Dr. Namphy is a retired Stanford English professor who also taught for years in Beirut and Baghdad. CPT is a faith-based violence-reduction project, supported by Christian churches across North America. Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice (MVPJ) is a local interfaith organization that includes Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Protestants, Roman Catholics, Quakers and Unitarian Universalists.

For more information, call MVPJ at 650-569-3416, or Rev. Diana Gibson at 650-322-6991. www.multifaithpeace.org.